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Bloomingdale’s Associate Leads Recycling Efforts at Her Store

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Associate Spotlight: Pamela DeSanto

Pamela DeSanto is a sales specialist at Bloomingdale’s Fashion Valley Mall location in San Diego. She just celebrated her one-year employment anniversary and was nominated by a co-worker for her in-store recycling efforts.

According to DeSanto, the best thing about being a Bloomingdale’s Associate is the friendly work environment. She said, “It’s beautiful inside and out.” Her interests in recycling and preserving the environment are ingrained in her personal lifestyle. She told us, “I am a vegan, and I am very aware of the environment in everything I do. I try to do my part and live consciously.”

DeSanto started her recycling efforts at Bloomindale’s by picking cans, bottles, plastic bags and hangers out of the trash and properly recycling them herself on her off days. Her co-workers noticed, and eventually, she started finding that they saved their cans and bottles for her. “It used to only be one or two cans. Now, it warms my heart when I find 20 cans waiting on top of the refrigerator in the breakroom for me,” she said.

She loves that her Bloomingdale’s friends are getting excited about recycling. In fact, her efforts were enough for co-worker Cruz Villalvazo to notice. When nominating her for this story, Villalvazo said, “She is a big believer in recycling and helping to reduce waste in our store. We had recycling bins that were being used as trash cans. She got her friends to save their bottles and cans and took it upon herself to get them recycled. Then, others joined in and helped.”

Villalvazo continued, “She also saw a need to reuse all of the shipping bubble wrap and foam that we get from customer orders shipped to the store. These materials were always in low supply, so by saving them from past orders, she was able to cut down the number of rolls of bubble wrap the store ordered. She also encouraged the shipping department to get involved and gives them what she can't use, such as packing air bubbles. DeSanto is always looking for ways to help reduce waste and get others involved in recycling. The store is now adding properly labeled recycling bins to get even better at reducing waste.”

Outside of work, DeSanto likes to go for walks and appreciate nature. She often walks on the beach and collects trash to help the environment, protect animals from harmful plastics, and inspires others to do the same. She said, “Plastic has become a problem, and I’m very aware of that. So, I just try to do my part and live consciously, aware of how each choice I make can affect another being in this world.”

We’re proud to have Pamela DeSanto as an Associate of Bloomingdale’s. We encourage other Macy’s, Inc. Associates to lead the way in their stores and offices, recycling more and living a little greener each day. When asked about the importance of Macy’s, Inc. Sustainability efforts, DeSanto replied, “I think that when employees work in a place like this and are conscious of their choices in all aspects of their daily lives, it shows they care. That caring can carry over into everything they do. It’ll make them a better person and a better employee. And it makes that person and our company shine brighter.”


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